Smart Toothbrush LCD screen Sterilizer


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When it comes to advanced technologies Smart Toothbrush is quite an awkward upgrade because people are totally ok with brushing manually because it is quite obvious that people know which part of their mouths need a proper brush and which part doesn’t. Hence the world is evolving and people are stepping further into and hi-tech devices like LCD screen Sterilizer are gaining huge demand which is quite obvious because of the offerings that all those devices are packed in too. So, if you have been searching for a smart toothbrush that can clean your tooth thoroughly then you need to contact us for the best products you have ever imagined. Stock Banger being one of the most reputed companies in the country can offer you a lot with great premium built material.


6cm (UV-C 360 12.5cm (6min (2min) (4min 24cm)

Product Name: Smart Toothbrush LCD screen Sterilizer

Product Model: C4

Product Material: ABS Sterilization Wavelength: 254-365nm

Product Color: White

Battery Capacity: 2600mA USBSV

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