PLEXTONE Wireless Headphone


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PLEXTONE BT270 Wireless   control instructions

Operation instructions Product breakdown Country indication

1. Left earphone

2. Right earphone

3.40mm hook iron boron, magnetic speaker

4. Tuning key (volume increase / volume decrease / next song / up One song)

5. Multi-function key

6.3.5mm audio jack

7. MicroUSB charging jack

8. Indicator No effect Action key name Volume increase tuning key + short press volume down tuning key. Long press tuning key + next song Tuning key Long press (under power-off state) Multi-function key to turn on Multi-function key to turn off Multi-function key to turn off Long-press state of state amplifier) ​​Short state of multi-function Enter MP3 mode Multi-function keys enter Bluetooth machine type (In MP3 mode) Enter single cycle multi-function keys & Tuning key + PKT) (In MP3 mode) 4. 4)

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