Abdominal Wheel Steel


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Are you looking to shed some extra fat deposited on your abdomen? If yes, the abdominal wheel steel is the one for you. When you will use the abdominal wheel on a regular basis, your core muscles will tighten up and the fats will start to shred. Over a period of time, you will notice your tummy bulge to start disappearing. There are various spot training exercises that you will be able to perform with the help of this abdominal wheel steel so it’s time to invest in this amazing product to transform your abdomen. Also, if you want to have those abs popped out, even then this abdominal wheel is going to help you out. You can even save your money by buying it at the earliest as for a limited duration we have the abdominal wheel steel for sale online on our website. So, place your order today!!

Product Information


Name: Abdominal Wheel Steel Pip

Weight: 1750g

Size / Size

Material TPR + PP + PS + PA + stainless steel tube + ordinary steel tube + NBR foam + EVA

Additional information

Weight1750 kg



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